Machine Learning Engineer

About The Role:

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our team at X AI to help develop and improve our existing AI model. The ideal candidate should have experience in Machine Learning and a Master's or Ph.D degree is preferred. They will be responsible for creating advanced AI models to be used in blockchain technology and crypto-related topics.

  • Develop tools and classifiers utilizing machine learning to create a top-tier recommendation system that is highly scalable.

  • Understand the objectives of the product and the techniques used in machine learning, and enhance the model and recommendation strategy.

  • Understand how users interact with the product and utilize Machine Learning algorithms to enhance push notifications and their overall experience.

Job Requirements:

A person who has obtained a Bachelor's degree (or higher) in computer science or a related technical field.

  • Significant experience working with both data structures and algorithms.

  • Acquired experience in software development by coding directly in a general purpose programming language.

  • Knowledge of machine learning, recommendation systems, data mining, and/or other associated areas is required.

  • Having good communication and teamwork abilities are necessary for building and reinforcing positive connections with clients and coworkers.